Episode 113: Phil “Freakin'” Wyman

Episode 113 finds the Depressive Duo welcoming back to the podcast the man of the hour, the tower of power, he’s the hit-maker, the record-breaker, he’ll make your back crack and your liver quiver, he’s got style and grace with a pretty face, the Welsh Troubadour, the one and only…Phil “Freakin'” Wyman. We couldn’t think of a better guy to be virtually quarantined with than Phil. Always the ground-breaker, Phil becomes our first musical guest. He plays three original pieces that were inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Such hits like, his light-hearted “Coronavirus Boogie” and on the more serious side “When Can I Offer my Hand?” and “Sometimes Heroes do Nothing.” But wait there’s more… Phil, as usual, brings his keen theological insights to this virtual quarantine jam session. Check out Phil’s Patreon Site and his YouTube Channel. And be a mensch and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re at it, visit his website and check out his podcast “Wild Theology.”

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