G-d the Father…


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This is another post from an older blog I kept as Summer and I prepared to adopt our daughter, Sophie. (Originally published April 5, 2006)  

I haven’t posted in a while, but I do have several mediocre excuses…locusts, floods, the moon turned red, (insert your own apocalyptic-why-I-didn’t-blog-excuse here). Largely, I was hoping that my posting might be more of the nature of imaginging “baby’s first steps” or “baby’s first words,” which considering she will be my child we could be imagining “baby’s first taste of soap!” Yet, I still find my heart wanting to express the spiritual side of my adoption journey.

I am teaching a young adults’ Sunday School class on the Apostles’ Creed. This week we are up to the part of the Creed that reveals something of G-d’s nature, G-d as Father. The Creed offers a description if you will. This is so problematic for some people, including myself at one time. Yet, this week’s reading was insightful. G-d in G-d’s infinite love sees G-d’s children suffering without a parent, longing to be loved, longing to belong to someone. G-d in G-d’s infinite love then says to all of our hurting humanity, “I will be their father. I will love them. I will take them into my arms. Arms they will never out-grow!” For me…I want this to be the approach that I have towards my child…to be able to say “I will be your father. I will love you. I want you in my arms.  And, these arms, you’ll never out-grow.”