Meet the Jew

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival 2015

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival 2015

I am a Jew by choice.

For those of you still reading this post, allow me to elaborate.  Both of my parents were Jewish, but that is not what makes me a Jew.  I am a Jew because I choose to be: because I choose to live my life in a Jewish way.  I choose to study Torah and to live by its precepts; I choose to keep Shabbat and to follow mitzvot; and I choose to eat toasted bagels with a shmear of cream cheese, lox (not nova), and a nice slice of onion.

Born and raised in Miami, I now live in Greensboro, NC with my wife, Gail, and our two sons, Lee and Evan.  I am a teacher by trade and by disposition.  With degrees in education from the University of Florida and from Nova Southeastern University, I have taught middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.  I have taught in public and private schools, and in for-profit and not-for- profit institutions.  I have taught almost everything from composition to scuba diving and from leadership to life saving.

2 responses to “Meet the Jew

  1. Charles, Tom Warren here from GTCC (Sociology Instructor and pastor at Peace UCC on West Market Street). Please contact me at We would like to talk with you about a program at our church.


  2. Hi there
    I am so happy to know you. Might I add,
    I am not a Jew by birth, but as one who loves
    All Humanity, I am a Jew in my heart.
    Oh dear, I am becoming a bit verklempt. Miss you. Love ya.
    Kathleen Braxton

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