Meet the Ampersand of Reason: Rev. Helena

Being raised in an interfaith Jewish/Christian home I have always been curious and drawn to faith(s). I self-identified as Jewish throughout my childhood, having a bat-mitzvah in the Reform tradition, and dabbling in the modern orthodox tradition through high school. Through some painful decision-making, I stopped identifying as Jewish in my twenties.  During my work as a hospice nurse in North Carolina, I began studying the Christian faith and experienced a radical conversion through taking communion for the first time.  I went from calling Christianity a “zombie worshipping vampire cult” to enrolling in Divinity school within a six-month period of time.  I was ordained as a Reverend by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) following divinity school and two years of Clinical Chaplaincy Education.

Along with my faith-based curiosity, I’m also an RN, focusing on public health.  I am an Aunt, and I have many animals that I care for.  I am in recovery and I live with bipolar 2.  I am open to any suggestions for how to manage one’s mood through alternative and creative means, and I also firmly believe in the sustaining power of mood stabilizers.  One of the Gentile’s favorite things to do is to send me down rabbit holes, as my curiosity on most subjects is boundless.  He’ll have reached the zenith of his endeavors once I become a falconer.