Episode 112: J. Dana Trent

Channeling our inner-Wayne’s World, “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.” I realize that is a pop culture reference likely lost on Millennials. Nevertheless, episode 112 is a J. Dana Trent episode! Manischewitz! JDT is a professor, author, speaker, local/national media star, minister, and all around mensch. JDT latest books engaged the subjects of grieving, sabbath-taking, and spiritual discipline. And we got to speak with her about her works and how they speak to the experience of a COVID-19 world. To skip our mishigas start at 26:10, but be warned that you’ll miss a cameo appearance of future-Rabbi Dr. Mrs. Jew and a conversation on Passover and COVID-19. Don’t worry there is still plenty of mishigas. Manischewitz!

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