Episode 90: Conversion


In episode 90 of A Jew and a Gentile walk into a Bar…Mitzvah…the Podcast, the gang welcomes back Sarahbeth Caplin (author, blogger, editor, freelance writer, initiator of interfaith dialogue). (Seriously, check out her website, follow her on Twitter, and get your hands on her books.) We’re just as surprised as you are that she came on our podcast a second time. Check out her first visit on the podcast. The faithful foursome begins a discussion on faith and conversion. What we’re not surprised about is that Rev. Helena, pronounced “Hell-uh-nah,” and Beth knock this episode out of the park sharing their experiences of converting from Judaism to Christianity. What follows is an honest conversation between two women of faith. (Also if you don’t hear me, that’s Rev. Chris, on our next episode it’s because of Rev. Helena beat me near to death for intentionally mispronouncing her name.)

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