Episode 89: Cuba


Pastor Tom Warren is a graduate of Eden Theological Seminary, where he earned the Grauer Award for Pastoral Promise and was granted, in 2011, an Honorary Doctorate Degree for pastoral faithfulness. He has been ordained in the United Church of Christ since 1996, having previously earned an MA in Sociology from the University of South Florida. Tom’s pastoral interests include evangelism, Biblical theology, social justice, stewardship of creation, interfaith relations, and pastoral care. In his free time, Tom enjoys coaching youth soccer, trail running, tennis, hiking, and playing his guitar.

Episode 89 finds the intrepid trio of Charles, Chris, and Helena interviewing the Rev. Tom Warren, Pastor of Peace United Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC. Rev. Warren is also an adjunct professor of sociology at Guilford Tech Community College. This guy is a mensch as he works with Charles and admits it. God’s grace abounds. Rev. Warren talks about his mission trips to Cuba that focus on cultural immersion and solidarity with the Cuban people. Give this episode a listen and if you want to get involved check out Pastors for Peace. Pastors for Peace has a touring Cuba Caravan that may be coming to a city near you. (If you want to skip past our shenanigans and cigar reviews start listening at the 12:32 mark.)

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