Episode 152: Sin & Sinsebility

What if we told you that “sin,” as most people conceive, is theological and not Biblical? What if we told you that you don’t have to take our word? Like, have you ever taken our word for anything! So, we invited The Transvagelical, MDiv., SWer., erotic philanthropist, and the stumbling block purity culture warned about. She helps us put the “sin” back in sindonology. Click here to give this episode a listen. To skip our opening Mishigas start listening at the 15:15 mark.

3 responses to “Episode 152: Sin & Sinsebility

      • Hi again, isn’t tues in Feb. the 14th? Will the holiday matter? I can lead the group if there is not a conflict. Can you send me an email to use? you can message me on FB.


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