Episode 143: G-d at Play

In our late(st) episode The Jew and the Ampersand of Reason are joined by special guest Genjin Becvar for a lively discussion of all things Asian TV. Oh, we also get into Mishna Avodah Zarah 3b in which learn that G-d spends one-third of the day studying Torah, one-third judging the entire world, and one-third playing with Leviathan. Only G-d would have a pet Krakken. Who’s a good Krakken, you’re a good Krakken…fetch boy. Sorry, Charles wrote the first bit of this, and even though the Gentile is not in this episode he inserted himself anyway. To skip our opening mishigas start listening at the 13:20 mark, but you’ll miss the Ampersand of Reason talking about crabs and Korean television.

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