Episode 138: The Word as Nomad with Phil Wyman

In Episode 138, The Jew, The Gentile, and The Ampersand of Reason join The Welsh Troubadour, Phil “Freaking” Wyman (we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy), in wandering and wondering what it means to perceive the the Word as Nomad. How does the Word “move”? How do we “move” with The Word? What happens if the Word becomes static and “domesticated”? Phil proposes these and other “moving” questions on the eve of his moving to Wales. Check out Phil’s Patreon Site and his YouTube Channel. And be a mensch and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re at it, visit his website and check out his podcast “Wild Theology.” To skip our opening mishigas start listening at the 19:20 mark. You’ll still get to hear Phil’s original song, “Corona Virus Boogie.” However, by skipping ahead you’ll miss no-context-hastags like “onelongash” or “thehandwashappy.” You also will miss our discussion of Muppet tofu, our naming the official cigar of the podcast, and what Phil “Freaking” Wyman is the patron saint of…

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