Episode 136: Gay with God

Episode 136 of a Jew & a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah the Podcast welcomes Midge Noble. Midge describes herself as a professional hummingbird; using all of her gifts for the highest and best needs of the clients she serves. Midge received her Master’s degree in Counselor Education at Appalachian State University and became licensed in the state of NC as an LPC.  She has worked professionally in the school setting, mental health and later at a private practice. Currently, she has her own business; Empowering Awakened Hearts, LLC. She specializes in healing hurts from painful life events and guiding her clients to live their best authentic life. Midge has written and self published two children’s books, helped build a church in India and is trained in ThetaHealing & Animal Communication. Midge shares about her journey to accepting her authentic self. Her story is one of those “I’m not crying you are” stories. It is as powerful as it is personal. And she is launching a Podcast!

Midge on Midge: “Growing up in the South…the Bible Belt…had its challenges once I owned the fact that I AM gay. It took me so many years to own my sexual orientation because of the messages I grew up with from my church and society. It has been a long and sometimes painful journey. How did I get through it? That is what this community/ podcast is all about….GAY with GOD! is a safe place to tell your faith journey story and hear that… “You are Okay and beloved by God; even if you are GAY!”

To skip our opening mishigas start listening at the 14 minute mark.

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