Episode 133: Talking Jewish Racism with Tema Smith

Episode 133 of a Jew & a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah the Podcast features advocate, author, and trainer Tema Smith who joins the The Jew, The Gentile, and the Ampersand of Reason to discuss racism within Judaism (yes, Jews can be racists too), Jacques Derrida, and The Dead Parrot Sketch. Tema is dedicated to building a meaningful and inclusive Jewish community through research, training, writing and relational engagement work. She is currently the Director of Professional Development at 18Doors (formerly InterfaithFamily), and a contributing columnist at The Forward. Check out her site and visit her on social media. To skip our opening mishigas skip to the 23:53 mark. However, you’ll miss bits about a sex store in Climax, NC and the no-context-hashtag of the episode “parrot hole” if you do.

Episode 133

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