Episode 130: A Jew & a Gentile & a Buddhist

A Jew and a Gentile AND a Buddhist…in this economy? Episode 130 of a Jew & a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah the Podcast the gang welcomes guest Genjin Becvar. Genjin is a novice priest in the White Plum lineage of the Sōtō Zen tradition. He is a graduate of the Upaya Zen chaplaincy training program. Genjin is a member of the faculty in the community engaged ministry program at Breadloaf Mountain Zen community. He also studied spirituality at St. Paul’s University, Chinese language at the Harbin institute of technology and social work. He currently lives in Aylmer Quebec outside of Ottawa, where he lives with his partner and three sons. He works primarily with Ottawa’s homeless population in outreach and harm reduction programs. He also the resident priest of a small Zendo and sangha (community), in Aylmer. All that to say, he’s a mensch. The gang talk about Genjin’s homeless outreach, mental health, mindfulness, life, death, and Grok. To skip our opening mishigas start listening at the 28:05 mark.

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