Episode 117: The Radical Declaration


Episode 117 features a timely book and superb scholarship. We welcome back to the podcast, a friend of the show and cigar enthusiast, Byron Williams. Byron is the author of “The Radical Declaration: An Enlightened American Idea.” “The Radical Declaration” is a collection of thought provoking essays that challenges the nation to look beyond contemporary political orthodoxies in order to recapture the ideals of the nation’s founding creed. Byron is one of the leading public theologians in the nation. He is a columnist, author, and the former pastor of the Resurrection Community Church in Berkeley, CA. His weekly column appears in the popular Huffington Post along with selected publications in North Carolina and California. He is host of the NPR-affiliated broadcast The Public Morality and serves as adjunct professor at Wake Forest University School of Divinity. To skip our mishigas start at the 8:55 mark.

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