Episode 105: The War on Hanukkah

Much like herpes, the minute you think you’re rid of it, it comes back. Well, same goes for this podcast. After a little over a month off for various and sundry reasons, we’re back with Episode 105. This episode could not be more timely if we tried. (And we tried.) The Jew and the Gentile take on the War on Hanukkah. We are joined in our coverage of this seasonal attack by war correspondent and AJAG-Codependent, Becky, from the Twisted SisTERDS podcast. (The Ampersand of Reason is on injured reserves. That’s a sports reference Helena.) We cover the war and then find time to consider this Christmas’ hottest video game “I am Jesus Christ.” (We’re not making this up.) Also listen for the Gentile making the argument that Cousin Eddie is morally superior to 45. To skip our mishigas start listening at the 16:34 mark. And be sure to listen for this episode’s no context hashtags.

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