Episode 103: ‘Tis the Season of the Wyman

In this episode Charles travels to Salem, Massachusetts to meet up with Phil “Freakin'” Wyman in Witch City, USA. For listeners unfamiliar with Phil, check out his podcast “Wild Theology” on Patreon. Phil is not only a fellow podcaster, but also a poet, musician, theologian, author, holy vagrant, and just plain freakin’ awesome human being. Learn more about him on his website. And check out his books, all must reads. (Though we’re particularly partial to Burning Religion.) Look for him on YouTube and follow him on Twitter. If you want to skip our usual mishigas start the podcast at the 22:04 mark. But know this dear listener! You’ll miss out on Chris and Helena, mostly Chris, ranting about how Charles conveniently forgot us in his podcast with Phil. And you’ll not hear about Chris’ harrowing adventure in driving in the UK. Plus, some great non-context hashtags like #sebaceousthighs and #truckerbutter. There is one more non-context hashtag, but you’ll never know it if you start at the 22:04 mark. Just saying…

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