Episode 100: Dessert First…Preparing for Death While Savoring Life

Episode 100 or “We also can’t believe we did this for this long…” Anyway, with our 100th episode, we welcome back a “repeat offender,” the Alec Baldwin to our SNL, author J. Dana Trent. JDT discusses her soon to be released book; “Dessert First: Preparing for Death While Savoring Life.” In the year she served as a chaplain in a hospital “death ward,” J. Dana accompanied more than 200 people — and their families — on their passage from life to death. Using personal narratives, Dessert First captures life lessons on death and grief learned at the bedsides of the dying, including Dana’s own mother. Dessert First illuminates the end-of-life complexities: why we avoid talking about and planning for it, and how we might instead prepare for a “good death.” Dessert First is a deeply personal, touching, and sometimes even humorous look at death and dying, including the ways we cope when facing the inevitable end of life. This book is a companion on a journey of considering death—our own and our loved ones’—as a sweet spiritual part of life, rather than a dreaded destination. And we release this episode on the anniversary of JDT’s mother’s passing. To skip our mishegas, although it is particularly funny this episode, start the podcast at the 15:58 mark.

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