Episode 95: Flowers

In episode 95, the (insert your favorite adjective) trio discusses the TV series “Flowers” available on Netflix and Channel 4 UK. All three of us have watched the entire two seasons and feel that it is the most realistic portrayal of life with a mental illness. Part dark (and we mean dark) comedy and touching drama. We also discuss cigars and the series finale of Game of Thrones. Start listening at the 25:55 mark to skip our usual opening banter and mishigas.

“The show is about the eccentric Flowers family who struggle to hold themselves together. Maurice Flowers is the author of the twisted children’s books ‘The Grubbs’, he and his wife Deborah are barely together but yet to divorce. As Maurice fights inner demons and dark secrets, she begins to suspect that Maurice is having a homosexual affair with his Japanese illustrator Shun. The couple live in a creepy, creaky, crumbling old house with Maurice’s dotty mother Hattie and their maladjusted twin 25-year-old children Amy and Donald. Both twins are competing for the affections of their attractive neighbor Abigail. The Flowers family and their often self-inflicted crises are surrounded by odd neighbors – agents of further headaches and heartache.” (taken from IMDb)

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