Episode 49: Demons, Dybbuks, and Spirits. Oh My.

Demons, dybbuks, and spirits…Oh my! In this week’s episode the Doc and the Rev harken back to the past (read: Tuesday) and offer a better-late-than-never Halloween inspired podcast. Mental Illness, is it demons or dopamine? Is it serotonin or Satan? Yes.

One response to “Episode 49: Demons, Dybbuks, and Spirits. Oh My.

  1. Thank you for this discussion. I was in a psych ward when my mother-in-law came to visit so she could tell me that if I read my bible and prayed more I wouldn’t be there. Now when she drives me to and from ECT every month she expects me to read aloud from the bible commentary she brings along. You have given me great material for my next conversation with her.


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