Episode 44: Christ on the Psych Ward

Episode 44 finds the Depressive Duo interviewing Chaplain David Finnegan-Hosey (Twitter: @FoolishHosey). He’s a mensch and a Methodist, so he gets two thumbs up from each of us. We met David at the Wild Goose Festival last July. He is a writer, songwriter, podcaster (Fooling with Scripture on iTunes and Soundcloud), blogger at Foolish Hosey, spouse and pet parent (that is Penny in the picture) whose new book “Christ on the Psych Ward” is available now for pre-order. With much anticipation, both the Jew and the Gentile can’t wait until the book is released in the Spring of 2018. In “Christ on the Psych Ward” David shares from his personal narrative about his time in and out of psychiatric hospitalization in 2011, shares a series of theological reflections from the standpoint of mental illness, and offers a few practical thoughts for communities of faith discerning how to be in faithful ministry alongside people with mental health struggles. The Jew smoked a…who cares…the Gentile enjoyed a Romeo y Julieta #2 all the way from Cuba!

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