Episode 34: Wild Goose Festival 2017

GC17 A Jew & a Gentile

What happens at Wild Goose Festival thankfully doesn’t stay at the Wild Goose Festival. In this week’s episode, the Depressive Duo talks about their experiences at the Wild Goose Festival. (Did we say we were at the Wild Goose Festival?) The Gentile shares about what is his first Wild Goose experience. The Jew recounts his experiences from last year and this year. We even managed to add a little class to the cast by welcoming back, now Rev., Monica from New Communion Mobile Food Pantry. Together we talked about the festival, the sessions we led (Job the In-Patient, Job, Teen Depression, and Stigma), and even managed to talk cigars. While it may not be our best podcast, it is our best sounding thanks to Russ from Love in a Dangerous Time.

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