When My Daddy Lost His Happy

IMG_1601In “Awakenings” (1990), Robin Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy physician who’s hired in a Bronx hospital to take care of catatonic patients. His patients survived an epidemic of encephalitis lethargy (1917-1928). In one scene, without any warning, Sayer tosses a tennis ball to a seemingly comatose patient, Lucy. Surprisingly, her hand moves to catch it. Sayer’s delight is not shared by a colleague who dismisses it saying, “It is still a reflex.” Sayer retorts, “If you were right, I would agree…. It is as if, having lost her own will, she borrows the will of the ball.” I borrowed the will of my daughter many a night. There were so many nights when I didn’t want to see tomorrow. On such nights I often found myself checking on my daughter. I would watch her as she slept. Though, I didn’t want to wake up and see tomorrow, I knew Sophie wanted to wake up and see me tomorrow.

When Charles and I began this project it was our intention to include the accounts of our families. What follows is our blog’s first attempt at podcasting. It is an interview with my 9 year old daughter, Sophie, about her experience with my depression. Here is Sophie in her blog/podcast premiere. (19:36 minutes) Click Here.

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